“All action begins in rest” . Lao Tzu

I propose a secular approach in which shape, form, movement, breath, effort, relationship, gravity, levity etc become tools for inner listening, not something to understand, achieve or get right or wrong.


As a women I feel strongly about Yoga being beneficial to women's issues and relevant to all phases of a woman's life. This means that it includes work to favour: freedom and ease of movement in daily activities as well as the strengthening and conditioning that comes from asana. It is also tailored for hypermobility, pelvic health in pre/post partum, including Diastasis Recti (DR), post surgery and pre/post menopause, and maintaining bone density as well as balance and mobility. 


I feel that the Alexander Technique has much to offer the Yoga practitioner in more ways than one. In particular, I am interested in how it can be a powerful tool for working with pain and Repetitive Strain Issues (RSIs). 

I am available for tailored one to one, group and corporate bookings as well as, cover work, workshops, retreats, mentoring and teacher training.